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Indonesia  VS  Timor Leste

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Timor Leste
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Cup Standings


Head to Head Statistics

League/Cup Date Home Score H T Away 1x2 Odds Handicap W/L Odds O/U
INT FRL Indonesia 4-0 3-0 Timor Leste W O
INT CF Indonesia 1-0 0-0 Timor Leste1.15 6.8 9.7 0.851.5/20.91WLU
INT CF Indonesia 6-0 3-0 Timor Leste W O
Last 3 matches, Win rate:100.0% Odds win rate:33.3% Over 2.5 rate:66.7% Odd rate:33.3%

Previous Scores Statistics

League Date Home Score H T Away 1x2 Odds Handicap W/L Odds O/U
INT FRL Indonesia2-10-0 Myanmar 1.38 4.3 7 0.900.5/10.92W WO
INT FRL Indonesia0-10-1 Cameroon 9.4 6.1 1.2 1.05-2.50.77L WU
AFF Cup 1Indonesia(N)5-12-1 Laos 1.16 6.5 9.5 0.771.5/21.05W WO
AFF Cup Philippines(N)4-01-0 Indonesia1 3.4 3.05 2 0.9800.78L LO
AFF Cup Vietnam2-21-1 Indonesia 1.8 3.3 3.8 0.850.5/10.91D WO
INT FRL Indonesia0-20-1 Syrian 3.15 3.3 2.08 0.930/-0.50.95L LU
INT FRL Indonesia4-03-0 Timor Leste W  O
INT FRL Indonesia1-01-0 Cambodia 0.803.5/40.96W LU
INT FRL Indonesia2-00-0 Malaysia 2.04 3.2 3.35 0.970.5/10.85W WU
INT FRL Indonesia0-00-0 Yemen 1.75 3.5 4.1 0.851/1.50.97D LU
INT CF Qatar2-21-1 Indonesia 1.22 5.6 8 0.8520.97D WO
INT FRL Indonesia2-01-0 Nepal 1.18 6 9.2 0.801.5/20.96W WU
INT FRL Indonesia4-02-0 Pakistan1 1.2 5.8 7 0.801/1.51.02W WO
INT CF cuba(N)1-01-0 Indonesia 2.6 3 2.6 0.800/-0.50.96L LU
INT FRL Andorra0-10-0 Indonesia W  U
AFC Saudi Arabia1-00-0 Indonesia 1.08 8.5 13 0.772/2.51.05L WU
AFC Indonesia0-20-2 Iraq 4.35 3.6 1.63 1.02-1/-1.50.80L LU
AFC China1-01-0 Indonesia 1.06 9 14.2 0.752/2.51.07L WU
INT CF Indonesia4-02-0 Kyrgyzstan 1.48 3.6 6 0.990.5/10.77W WO
AFC Indonesia1-10-1 China 9.6 5 1.22 1.07-1/-1.50.75D WU
Last 20 matches, Win rate:45.0% Odds win rate:60.0% Over 2.5 rate:40.0% Odd rate:35.0%
Timor Leste              
League Date Home Score H T Away 1x2 Odds Handicap W/L Odds O/U
FIFA WCQL Timor Leste(N)0-10-0 United Arab Emirates 16.5 12 1.02 0.91-3/-3.50.85L WU
FIFA WCQL Malaysia1-11-0 Timor Leste 1.11 8 10.5 0.752/2.51.07D WU
FIFA WCQL Mongolia0-10-1 Timor Leste W  U
FIFA WCQL Timor Leste4-12-0 Mongolia W  O
INT FRL Indonesia4-03-0 Timor Leste L  O
AFF Cup Laos2-01-0 Timor Leste 1.45 4.1 5.35 0.751/1.51.01L LU
AFF Cup Timor Leste(N)2-31-0 Cambodia 1.5 4 4.82 0.750.5/11.01L LO
AFF Cup Myanmar(N)0-00-0 Timor Leste 1.17 5.9 10 0.751/1.51.01D WU
AFF Cup Timor Leste(N)4-21-2 Brunei Darussalam W  O
INT CF Indonesia1-00-0 Timor Leste 1.15 6.8 9.7 0.851.5/20.91L WU
AFF Cup Brunei Darussalam(N)2-11-0 Timor Leste 4.25 3.85 1.59 0.85-0.5/-10.91L LO
AFF Cup Timor Leste(N)3-11-0 Laos 2.7 3.35 2.2 0.750/0.50.95W WO
AFF Cup Myanmar2-11-0 Timor Leste 1.4 3.5 4.95 0.700.5/11.00L LO
AFF Cup Cambodia(N)1-50-2 Timor Leste 1.721.5/20.40W WO
FIFA WCQL Timor Leste(N)0-50-1 Nepal 8.5 5.4 1.22 0.80-1.5/-21.02L LO
FIFA WCQL Nepal2-11-0 Timor Leste 1.03 7.85 18.5 0.652.51.05L WO
INT CF Laos6-12-1 Timor Leste 0.582.51.13L LO
INT CF Cambodia4-23-1 Timor Leste 0.702/2.51.00L WO
INT CF Timor Leste0-50-4 Philippines 12 6.2 1.1 0.90-1.5/-20.80L LO
AFF Cup Laos2-11-0 Timor Leste L  O
Last 20 matches, Win rate:25.0% Odds win rate:40.0% Over 2.5 rate:70.0% Odd rate:60.0%

Handicap Odds Statistics

  Matches Win Draw Loss Rank Detail
[0]Timor Leste
  Matches Win Draw Loss Rank Detail

Fixture (3 Matches)

League/Cup Date Type VS Near
INT CF H Chinese Taipei 3 Days
AFF Cup H Malaysia 10 Days
AFF Cup H Laos 13 Days
Timor Leste
League/Cup Date Type VS Near
FIFA WCQL A Nepal 220 Days
FIFA WCQL H Nepal 223 Days
AFF Cup A Cambodia 684 Days

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