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Betting Strategy: Betting for Fun - Tips & Advice

Betting Strategy: Betting for Fun - Tips & Advice

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Posted Wed, 13 Sep 2017 16:54:23 GMT    

Betting Strategy: Betting for Fun - Tips & Advice

Not everyone will enjoy betting on sports, but most people will. You’ll never know until you try! We provide advice for anyone interested in betting for fun, and following it will certainly increase your chances of having a worthwhile experience.
Have a set budget for how much you’re prepared to lose.
Don’t stake too much on any single wager.
Focus on sports that you enjoy watching.
Don’t place too many wagers.
Experiment with different types of wager.
Try live betting.
Learn some basic strategy.
Don’t worry about your results.
The first tip on this list is by far the most important. If you only choose to follow one of our tips, let it be this one! Decide how much money you’re prepared to risk losing, and be sure this is an amount you can afford to lose. Then, never spend more than that budgeted amount. If you start spending more than you originally planned, it’s very likely that sports betting will stop being fun. Losing is fine. Losing too much is not. Stay in control, and stick to a budget.
Our next tip is closely related to the first one. As well as having a fixed budget, you should also set some rules about how much to stake on each wager. Ideally, you should only ever stake a small percentage of your budget. We cover this more thoroughly in the following article.
Bankroll Management & Staking Plans
Focusing on the sports you already enjoy watching is simple logic. You’re more likely to make good betting decisions this way, because of your existing knowledge. You’re also more likely to have fun. Watching the sports you already follow becomes even more exciting when you have a little money at stake.
Placing too many wagers is a classic sports betting mistake. Try to avoid it. Be selective about what you bet on, and don’t feel obliged to place wagers on every single game or event. It’s more beneficial to place a few well thought out wagers than it is to place loads of wagers at random. Again, this is simple logic really.
Our next two tips are not essential, but we still recommend following them. Experimenting with different types of wager keeps things interesting, and can even improve your overall chances of picking a winner. Live betting is probably the most exciting way to bet on sports, which is why it’s something that we certainly recommend trying. Want to know more about live betting? Check out our guide below!
Guide to Live Betting
Learning basic strategy is not essential either. If your goal is simply to have some fun, then it’s understandable if you don’t want to take the time to learn strategy. However, bear in mind that even just a little extra knowledge can greatly improve your chances of winning. We’ve put together a list of very simple betting strategies that are easy to understand and apply; looking these over will be worth your time.
Our final tip is an essential one. If your primary goal is to have fun, then don’t stress out about your betting results. As long as you’re not losing more than you can afford, it doesn’t really matter what the results are. Winning is preferable, of course, but there’s no point in getting angry, upset or frustrated as a result of a loss. These emotions will hinder your chances of enjoying yourself.

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